Sunday, 16 January 2011


Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. There really isn't anything that can beat a good eggs benedict! Throughout the years I have tried many different brunch places in Montreal and I still continue to discover new ones. Yes I have my favorites and those that I need to go back too.

Another great thing about brunch are the people you spend it with and the mood you're in. Sometimes a little tired, after a long night out, cozy, good conversation and it seems that the light of day shining into the restaurant puts you in a better mood. It's never too loud (well depends where) and when you fall on a great place, that food in your tummy makes everything better. Especially if you had a little bit of a rough night the evening before.

In Montreal, I have fallen on some excellent brunch places. My favorites are Le Cartet in Old Montreal. See my plate below - Eggs, Bacon, Ham, Beans, Potato. Classic. Simple. Delicious.

Classic brekky!

I also tried Griffintown Cafe on Notre-Dame and had their huevos divorciados, which were absolutely delicious. They have "music" nights 3 times a week, 1 on Tuesday (country, bluegrass), 1 on Thursday (jazz) and 1 on Friday (Blues).

Another place I have been going to for years, but I haven't been in a while is Beautys on St-Urbain. Beautys makes some excellent simple breakfasts with mouth-watering shakes. I end up always having the classic - eggs, sausage, bacon with a bagel and cream cheese. The line-up can be somewhat of a pain, but it's a staple in Montreal. You can even go alone, sit at the counter and enjoy your breakfast with a magazine, newspaper! The owner has been the owner forever and still greets you at the door. Priceless.

Found this painting of the place by Carole Spandeau
Another place I want to try is Chien Fumant, I keep on hearing great comments about it and it even placed in the TOP 10 Brunch Places in Montreal by nightlife magazine! See article here (en francais!).
My goal for the 2011, is to try all 10 places, which means to go back to the places I have been to before and actually rate them! First one on my list - Byblos le Petit Cafe. I'm excited for this project! L'Avenue also happens to be a favorite of mine, but if it weren't for those line-ups!!!

So, if you have any other great brunch places that you like, let me know! I'll try them out and review them on this website! Keep your eyes open for a Byblos review soon (hopefully..!)

Have a nice Sunday! And, happy brunching!


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Lina Roy said...

J'ai entendu parlé du moineau... uniquement de bonnes critiques:

Sinon il y a aussi le Caffè della posta sur Bernard où j'aime aller!!