Monday, 17 January 2011

Brunching : Byblos Le Petit Cafe

Step 1 accomplished! I got my little butt to Byblos le Petit Cafe on Sunday afternoon with my friend Jack (mentioned in the post "Girl Guy Friendships"). Before I chose to do this, I wasn't quite sure what to expect and hadn't really looked at any reviews. After posting my post on Brunching, I decided to actually look the restaurant up and found out it was actually an Iranian place! See, I love trying new restaurants and different types of cuisine. I strive on trying new things and I hope that by the end of my life, I will have tried almost every type of cuisine in the world. I have eaten alligator, kangaroo, fish pancreas, and other unmentionable foods I care not to mention because I don't want to disgust any of you. With all my travels to Asia for work, I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to try all sorts of things you can't usually find in a typical Montreal Chinese restaurant. I digested them and lived to tell the tale. I must say though, I haven't yet tried any domestic animals and to be honest, I don't plan on tasting that at all.

Ok, so back to Byblos..the Iranian restaurant. So even though I might be the one who loves to try new things, my friend, Jack, not so much. Jack is the "Deux oeufs, bacon" type of guy. He loves his General Tao chicken and his spaghetti bolognaise. He loves his steak and fries, and too much outside the box isn't his cup of tea. So, of course I was a little worried to bring him to a place like this. When we walked in, the decor was quite cool, the ambiance was fun, mostly everyone was young, hipster type, plateau residents mostly. We sat at a nice table close to a window. I must say, the service isn't A-1. It took forever for a waitress to come see us. I ordered an Iranian Tea to drink and Jack ordered a cafe au lait in quite the bowl.

My Iranian Tea and Jack's coffee bowl!

For breakfast, the menu doesn't present many options, but I had read that their Combo #4 Omelette with Feta ($9.50) that comes with bread and jam was quite good. So we both ordered that! After eating most of the bread they left for us because we were starving, it arrived. It looked like hummos. Eggs, feta, dill, spices and some scallions. I was like: OMG. We ordered Iranian hummos. To my surprise, this Iranian Hummos, was actually delicious! You eat it with your bread and it tastes very yummy! And to my surprise, Jack, loved it too! But he did mention how "Grano" this place was. Oh Jack.

Feta Omelet / Iranian Hummos!
 So let's just say, this place isn't your typical brunch place, and the service isn't quick quick, but the area is cute, the restaurant has nice decor, the ambiance is refreshing and well as for the food that I had, I was impressed with my Iranian Hummos/Feta Omelet, but I also loved the Iranian tea they served me. Except for maybe my first serving of bread which was a little dry, but if this happens to you, do tell them, I was stupid and didn't say boo, very much unlike me... I give this place a 7/10. I wouldn't have put it on the BEST BRUNCHES of Montreal list, but yes, something interesting to try!

Byblos Le Petit Cafe
1499 Laurier Street
Between Fabre and Marquette

STEP 2. Le Reservoir! which I looked up, it's actually a brasserie. See menu here. Also, very outside the box type brunch, no "Deux Oeufs, Bacon" here, let's see who I can convince to come with me...


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