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Women through the eyes of a Player..

I got my hands on quite the interview! Being a social butterfly like I am, I know all sorts of people. The nice guys, the bad guys, the fun girls, the girls next door girls, the commitment phobes and the players (sometimes those 2 last ones come hand in hand). I don't want to call him a Manwhore, even though that's probably what he is, but he's proud of it. No shame. I will however keep his name and his relationship to me confidential because after all, I am not writing this blog to cause any trouble, and with the things he told me, let's just say certain women wouldn't be too happy. Let's call him Mr. X.

P.S. Note that this is the story of a specific player. I know other players whose game is a little different. It really all depends..

So this is how it went... 

N. : So Mr X. What's your typical Friday or Saturday night? The night you pick up the most?

Mr X: Well Saturday is usually the night I go out with my friends. There's lots of drinking, dancing and talking to girls.

N.: How do you pick up the girls?

Mr X: Well most of them are ordering drinks at the bar and at the bar for some reason. I usually like to go up to the ones I have met before or are friends of friends. Those approaches work the best. I go up to them, talk to them and they tend to stick around because the friends I usually go out with have bottles and stuff and they like to drink with us and spend time with us.

N.: But if there anything in particular you say to grab their attention?

Mr X. : It's all about the smoothness. You gotta make her trust you, and give her that sense of security. If a girl is willing to come back home with me on the night that I meet her, than my job is done. I was able to provide her enough security and trust for her to want to spend the night with me. You gotta speak to the women smoothly, nothing cheesy, interested but not too interested, generous and all. If I can get that good girl who is always a good girl and wouldn't go home with a guy on any night, but comes home with me. That's what I'm looking for... She sees the opportunity and I grab it.

N. Is there a particular catch phrase you use or that works best?

Mr X. No such thing as a catch phrase. Women are usually interested in smart witty men. For me, being smart and sophisticated works best. But you gotta look the part too. I always make sure I look better or as good as the woman I want.

N. Is there something you see that most men don't have, but you have, something that allows you to pick up better than the others?

Mr X. Confidence. Confidence is key when you are approaching a woman. Since I have done it so many times, I have experience. I know what to say, I know how to act. I'm not nervous and if I get rejected, on to the next. There's always a hot girl out there that wants me. And you know, I don't tell the girl, Hey wanna come back to my place and have sex? I ask her and her friends to come after party with my friends, to come chill, make her feel comfortable. It just so happens that's it's usually the woman that wants more in the end.

N. So does it happen to you to have more than 1 girl in your life at a time?

Mr X.: Yes. Now actually. But they should never know each other. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.

N. : But don't you get nervous that one of them might post something on your Facebook or something? 

In the midst of his interview, he got a text from one of his "women". "Ah she's so hot N." he tells me. So I asked him who she was.

Mr X. She works at this bar downtown. But I really suggest against doing what I am doing. You never want to see a girl that works in a bar you like to go too, this limits your nightly activities, but this girl is so hot, I couldn't turn her down. 

And then shows me a picture with her thong in his hands... beautiful.

N. So what is it exactly that you look for in women?

Mr X. Personality for sure. Wait let's be honest. Her looks are #1. I'm never going to approach a girl who isn't hot, I don't care how amazing a personality she might have. Eyes are my weakness. If she has beautiful eyes, that just makes me melt. Good eye contact is key. 

N. What else?

Well she needs to be slim with big tits - oh and she also has to have a nice ass. Something that is really underrated is a good mani-pedi. That needs to be done. I don't want no girl that doesn't care about her hands and feet. Also, make-up can be deceiving. If when I went to bed, that girl was a 10 and then when I wake up, she's a 7, the chances I call her back aren't as high. So natural beauty is key too. And then there is the personality, if she's a bitch, she's out. I don't have time to deal with bitches.

N. How about smart?

Mr X: Well smart goes with personality. She needs to hold up the conversation. She needs to prove that she is smart enough to be with a guy like me.

N. Why do you like seeing many women at the same time?

( He couldn't really answer this question straight out, so this is what he answered)

Mr X. : For instance, I could be talking to 5 girls that I have hooked up with and 1 of them I didn't. 1 girls i talk to her because shes talking to me, but I don't want her anymore, 1 girl I hooked with and i want to get know her. and she's the one i really want, but i won't be hooking up with any of them until Thursday, Friday or Saturday. They are all different - French - English - Tall - Short. I don't prefer blondes or brunettes, tall or short women. All of them have something special to offer. But really, a lot of it is in the kiss, that's how you get the woman and that's what makes me decide if I want to keep on seeing her. She kisses well. She's a keeper for who knows how long. 

N. :Who's your priority?

Mr X.: The ones that are harder to get are the ones I want more. And normally, the ones that play hard to get, are the ones playing the same game as you.

N: How long do you have these play games with one girl?

Mr X.: Until 1 fucks up.

N.:What's fucking up?

Mr X: Getting caught with someone else and then not paying enough attention. As a player, the curve is like an upside down V. The steep cruve up and a steep curve down. In any regular relationship, its a slow curve up, stays at the top, goes down a little... and then goes all the way down if the relationship ends. It's hard to keep the steep curve going for me. In a real relationship, the chemistry grows slow, you keep on gaining and then it stays and then you go out for a year or whatever and then it ends.
When you're a player - it's I WANT, I GET IT, I GOT IT, CIAO.

N.:Why is it so hard to be with one woman?

Mr X.: It's not hard if you really care of her. If you met her 1 month ago, NO then you don't really care, if you met her 4 months, maybe.  I don't usually cheat when i get really close to a woman. 
But it's really about the kiss for me - if the kiss is amazing, I like to stick around. And it's all about timing. When I have money, then for me it's easy to date a girl, if I don't have the money, I don't feel like dating. During the winter, you want a girl, because you don't want to be alone on a cold night. Makes us feel better. We play better sports when we get laid. In the winter, it's ideal to have a girl I can cuddle with, makes me feel good. And in the summer, you want a hot tanned girl on your arm. You can bring her to the beach, to the sun, she's hot and makes me look good. And you know, it's really about chemistry, if that chemistry develops than I'm willing to spend some more time with her. 
And then I went on to ask him, do you think there is a girl that can break the Mr. X. player sell. He didn't really know what to answer. I guess you just feel it. You feel it when you are with a certain person that you don't feel like going to play somewhere else. But then I get back to my post on commitment phobes... maybe even though you are amazing, he won't be ready for you yet. Ah what a life. 

As my last words of wisdom, don't hate the player, hate the game!


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