Friday, 10 December 2010

The Top 10 list of...

Why is it that we love lists so much? Top 10 Vacation Spots, Top 10 restaurants, Top 10 movies of the year. Interested in more of them, well I really suggest you check out TIME.come lists - TOP 10 LISTS OF EVERYTHING. You probably noticed by now that I actually read quite often. I do. I'm a sucker. Another great website that I love that has lots of lists like this is I just opened the Gloss and fell on a great little article that compliments my article about Christmas shopping - What to buy for guys. I guess you can say that I read both these websites every day. I get my fair share of news on and nonsense on TheGloss - entertaining nonsense of course!

So back to lists - I really wonder why we are so attracted to them - fast quick information - If we know the Top 10, then we're cool? Well safe to say, we are already cool, we just want to confirm it? Or maybe because instead of reading a bunch of articles on all sorts of stuff - we refer to the Top 10. Quick, Easy and Effective.

So, a part from the TOP 10 lists from I have come up with my own Top 10 list of things I thought of.

1st list - TOP 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE XMAS ( a part from shopping and decorating)

10. Listen to as many Kenny G Christmas carols as humanly possible. I promise you, you will start to like him. I will make you like him!
9. You need to at least TRY the Eggnog latte at Starbucks - yummy in my tummy!
8. Go see the Ogilvys Christmas window display - yes the tradition - we all need to do it.
7. Get your gifts wrapped by the Hopital Ste-Justine or Children's Hospital foundation at the malls
6. Call up a friend that you haven't spoken to in a long time - tell em how much you love them despite not seeing them as often as you use to.
5. Eat candy canes - I love candy canes. The traditional ones are very good, but the colored and other flavored ones are delish.
4. Sit on Santa's lap - yes my friends, despite being grown adults, I think we should all go sit on Santa's lap and make our special Christmas requests. Gotta believe in that magic!
3. Donate some of your time to one of your cities charities, whether it be the cuisine sur roues or any other. Some people just aren't as fortunate as us and Christmas time is the season of giving, so give back and make someone else happy. (I will try to organize some kind of activity to give time to a charity around town, I will let you know what I do and if anyone is interested to come help, that would be great!)
2. EXERCISE because I'm sure your tummy will not be empty or lacking any food during the holiday season. Mind as well take precautions!
1. Join my Facebook page - What it feels like for a girl - because I have been such a great entertainer for the past 2 weeks and you really love me and want to support anything. Hey, it's a free wonderful Christmas gift!
(ok ok, a real #1 now...)
1. It's the holidays! So eat up, drink up, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. This doesn't really need to be done before Christmas... it can be done after, during or at any time of the year!

If you have any other "Things to do before Xmas" - add them to the comments below!

As my last words of wisdom, make sure you do ALL THINGS mentioned on my TOP 10 list - you will be a better person for it... haha. well almost. maybe a little. anyways. Ok time to go now... :)


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