Friday, 17 December 2010

Stocking Stuffers 101

We are probably getting into one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year - that weekend right before Christmas. We will be running around like head-less chicken finishing up most of the Christmas gifts we need to buy for everyone on our list. Oh I am so excited. (can you feel the sarcasm?). Well with all this Christmas gift shopping, we leave the stocking stuffers for last - but in this day and age, Dollarama just doesn't cut it anymore. No, I do not want ugly socks, or dish soap, or hair clips for 12 year-olds. I'm sure you guys are the same... So I put together a few ideas - gifts under $10 - that can easily fit into your stocking. Hopefully this might help most of you and give you some ideas. Of course, if you want to add your own ideas for the readers, please do so in the comments below!


1. Nail Polish - always a great stocking stuffer - you can never have too many. My favorite nail polish brand is Essie - you can find these at your closest Pharmaprix / Shoppers. They usually retail for $8.99. You can even make the stocking themed by buying some nail polish remover, toe seperators and a nail filer.

Fall/Winter 2010 collection of Essie nail polishes
2. Lip gloss - lip glosses are an easy gift. You can find the basic Blistex ones at your pharmacy or go a little funky with ones you can find at Sephora. Here is one I found on the Sephora website - only $7.00

Pink gloss available at or at a Sephora near you - $7.00

1. Lip Balm - all men need their lips kissably soft and healthy- and I know that most of you do carry around some kinda lip balm, well why not get a really nice one by Matte.
MATTE for Men lip balm - $6.50 available at Sephora
2. PJ pants - all men need a good pair of comfy PJ pants they can wear to bed or to lounge around in the house. The women always end up wearing them one day or the other. Why don't we invest in a pair we like for them? Old Navy has some great selections that aren't expensive and can roll up into their stocking.

Old Navy Flanel PJ pants - $8.00 at Old Navy


1. Coffee Cards- Most of us stop by Tim's at least once a week, maybe twice, some even stop there every day. Giving a Tims Card is like giving them their morning heaven every day - don't we want to responsable for that?

Available at all Tim Hortons for any amount you want to add to it!
The Starbucks card is also an option - and if the person you are buying for is a coffee fan - the instant coffee little packets - Starbucks VIA Ready Brew are perfect at $10.95 ( a little over the budget but worth it!)

Get a gift and do good all at the same time. Buy the "RED" gift card and $0.05 goes to the Global Fund against AIDS

The VIA Ready Brew Startbucks packets - Christmas Blend! Looks festive and tastes great too! I'm not a huge coffee fan, but that's what I heard!

Some other ideas for stocking stuffers could be :
- Ferrero Rocher chocolate
- Mini Eggs ( that are now available all year long),
- A box of pens that you can pick up at Bureau en Gros (Staples).. we always need pens and we never seem to find any!
- Stockings are always great- you can find a WHOLE lot of them at Winners.
- Guzzo/Famous Players or any type of movie ticket certificates.
- Go to Joe Fresh at any Loblaws company store (Maxi, Loblaws) - they have gloves, hats, scarfs and cosmetics
- Bath and Body Works just opened in Montreal and they always have little great value sets at great prices. Hand sanitizers, hand creams, eau de toiletttes.
- You can even head over to Wal Mart or Best Buy at get an old classic movie on DVD for $10
- La Senza has some great items - slippers, pj sets, pretty accessories
- Magazines! A magazine can always be a GREAT stocking stuffer - like GQ, Maxim, Men's Health for men and In Style, People, Vogue, Decormag for women
- An underrated stocking stuffer that is ALWAYS useful is a pack of cards - get creative and find a pack with a cool design. These can be found at Tour de Jeux or Wal Mart.

Well I hope I gave you enough ideas and that for once, your gifts will be cool and not some quick side stop at Dollarama!

As my last words of wisdom, try to find 1 gift as a stocking stuffer that is a bit more personal, something you know that person needs or wants or will be very happy with.

Have a great shopping weekend!


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