Saturday, 18 December 2010


I would like to dedicate this post to Dave and Phil - 2 guys who understand respect and who gave me the idea to write about this.

Respect. Such a broad term that could mean so many things.  Respect your elders, respect your neighbors, respect your teachers, respect your friends and of course respect your strangers.

I have always believed that little acts of respect go a long way. For instance, when you are with a group of friends in a bar, the bar is crowded, everyone is trying to move, to get from one end to the other. It is very likely that you get pushed or shoved BUT the difference is turning around and apologizing for shoving someone else. Showing them some respect. Same applies on the dance floor, you get pushed and danced on, the least the other person can do is apologize and try to move away. I personally get very irritated with people that don't respect me when they are trying to get by. I stand my ground, I bend my knees, I give them a hard time and not allow them to pass if they don't excuse themselves. I do. I am a pain. I know it. But hey, who do you think you are? The King or Queen of All Life to move people as you walk by. No Sir or Madam, you are not Moses, the crowd of people will not split as you try to make your way through, so do the right thing and make sure you are considerate of the others around you. Say EXCUSE MEEE!

When I was younger I took the habit of dancing with my elbows out against my waist so those that would come too close would get a little elbow nudge. Not comfortable. Serves you right. Yes I know, I am really bitter about this. But I have been walked into, stepped on, pushed, shoved, hit, you name it and now seriously BACK OFF because I will hunt you down and make sure you apologize to me or my friends that you believe are inferior to you and don't deserve to be respected enough. We are all trying to have a good time, we all need to get drinks at the bar, we all want to dance our bums off, we all want to chit chat with friends without being pushed across the room.

So all I want to say, is be aware of the people around you, be aware of your surroundings.

I want to thank Phil for offering to beat up that guy that shoved me big time and thank Dave for understanding the frustration because him too fell a victim of the selfish ones.

We will be beat disrespect, one elbow hit at a time! No no, I'm just joking, I meant 2 elbow hits at a time! ;)

As my last words of wisdom, if you might be one of those shovers, try to be a little conscious next time, apologize and acknowledge those around you. It makes the shoving and pushing much more endurable! And if you are the one that gets shoved, SHOVE EM BACK! haha. Aww my words of wisdom aren't very smart... re my bitterness.



Dave B. Lion said...

Dearest N.,

Your post is refreshing. It’s amazing how people quickly forget who they really are: because of a simple bar setting, jerks come out like werewolves on a full moon.

I often think that people are too shy to acknowledge another and that’s why manners are so quickly put aside, but can it really be that simple?

R-e-s-p-e-c-t-fully yours,


Guy Who Shoved You At The Bar said...

Hey N.

Mr B. Lion is correct to point out that shyness is likely the cause for many an unforgiven bump and runs. That and I really had to go to the washroom - there's something about the beer at that place. Anyways, I apologize and hope your friend wasen't too upset, he looked scary strong.

Apologetially Yours,