Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nice guys finish last...

Before I get deep into the subject, I just want to take some time to congratulate my Mom on a beautiful event she co-hosted in Miami last night, La Soiree One Drop. One Drop is a foundation started by Guy Laliberte, the creator of the Cirque du Soleil. The One-Drop foundation's mission is to fight poverty by providing access to water and to raise awareness among individuals and communities about the need for mobilization in order to make safe water accessible to all, in sufficient quantity, today and tomorrow. To raise money for this cause, One Drop and Cirque du Soleil join forces to create magnificent evenings across the world including a presentation of the Cirque's newest show, followed by a soiree under the "Red Tent". Creative cocktails, delectable appetizers, and mind blowing decor make this evening one to remember. I'm sure that the Miami one didn't disapoint, especially with such an experienced, talented and smart woman on their board, I can guarantee that the evening was a huge success! You can go take a look at some of the other pictures of the event at this link: One Drop Gallery. (Picture by Winston Delawar - Guy Laliberte, Louise Courey and Andre Nadeau)

I kept on thinking of the event last night, hoping that it was going well. My Mom worked so long and hard on this one. I'm sad I couldn't attend, but I'm sure I will hear all about it soon... I was kept up late just thinking because I mistakenly drank a black tea drink (with tons of caffeine) quite late at night thinking that it was just any old beverage. It kept me up until 3am. So I had TONS of time to think of my great subject...Jumping from idea to idea, my mind kept on spinning - How am I going to find enough subjects of conversation to make this blog last a long time? Well, let's just hope my mind doesn't run out. I thought about friends, about relationships, about guys, about the guys in my life, about the guys in my friends' lives, about the good ones, the bad ones, and the "let's never mention them again" ones...

I realized that with all this thinking and all this time spent on some of the bad ones, why is it that they gain in mind time? Is it true what they say, do nice guys finish last? Well. My point of view on this subject has evolved with the years because I think that when we were younger, we wanted a certain type of guy and the older we got the wiser we got. We do want that nice guy, that gentleman that opens the door for us, the one that puts our coat on when we get up to leave the restaurant, the one that goes to get the car when it's pooring, the one that is sweet and nice and wouldn't hurt a fly. Isn't that what we all want? Maybe. maybe not. And this is where it gets complicated. Men - if you are reading this - just remember that quote "Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood" because I'm sure what I will be saying right now will sound ridiculous. But yes, women don't always like to be treated like royalty, even though they may claim to. Some women aren't too big into the whole romantism and enjoy a man who's rough around the edges. The bad ones are always the harder to tame and us women, we want to tame. We want to "change" them, we want them to become better people just because we are in their lifes. We love the project. It's a challenge, it isn't easy but someone's got to do it. We admire their bad boy look, and look for something we can fix. Why we think we need to be fixer upers? I'm not quite sure, I haven't studied the human being long enough to understand our ulterior motives.

With a nice guy, he's already fixed, no taming to do, it's too easy and some of us get bored. It's crazy you know because wouldn't we just want something easy, no drama... nooooooo we like it hard and rough and miserable! Go figure! We like the challenge, and it's the same for men who like the chase. I personaly hate the game/chase. I do. But life doesn't work that way. Because it becomes all about that chase... the flirting, the texting... oh the texting... the needed wittiness in order to answer those much waited texts with the smartest, sexy yet witty answers you can think of, just to keep that interest going...not too much, not too little. Can't seem too desperate, can't seem top careless. Horrible. And with the nice guys, there isn't enough of that game, they are nice right off the bat and don't make us chase them...BUT some women really do like the nice guys and have enough with the a**holes that came through their life. I had the nicest man in my life for 2 years - the NICEST - and loved him with all my heart.  But not everything turns out the way you would have wanted... I think that women just need to live through many a**holes to finally realize that they actually need a nice guy in their life... but also, those bad guys can turn into nice guys.. and isn't that just the perfect combination?

So for a lot of women I know, the nice guys do finish last because most women seem to be more interested by the "project" than the finished work...BUT, there are also lots of women out there who do love the nice guy... but those women are harder to find... and those men are also harder to find.  But when these 2 do find each other, I'm sure that they can be one power couple, that couple that everyone wants to be.

As my last words of wisdom, projects can be tiring why not build something with something that doesn't need to be fixed. But if you are really into that project, be careful, because it might be a disappointment. Instead, maybe the nice guy needs a new wardrobe, now that my friends is quite a fun project!!


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Anonymous said...

It is true that young ladies are attractive to men living on the edge however there comes a time when the motherly instincts take over and the nice guy who finished last is now in hot demand.