Thursday, 23 December 2010

Livin' the urban life

Glory years. When were your glory years? Mine I would have to say were CEGEP and probably my last year of university - I abused the Diable Vert! But CEGEP was great! I left an all-girls school and was thrown into a world with BOYS! Luckily, I had already encountered that specy thanks to my friend V. who brought me to all her high school parties. However, in CEGEP I met a whole bunch of new ones with whom I still keep in contact to this day. One of those boys, is entrepreneur and web pro, Jean-Claude Renaud, who runs VIEURBAINE.COM.  VIEURBAINE.COM launched YESTERDAY in Montreal! I met JC at l'Assomoir on Notre-Dame in Old Montreal for a friendly meeting/interview. This guy is brilliant and his advice for my blog was amazing! But I wanted to know more about VieUrbaine, where did this idea come from, why this business, and exactly Who is Jean-Claude Renaud?

Mr Renaud

N. What exactly is VieUrbaine.Com? is mainly a website that offers special discounts on all sorts of "urban" locations in and around Montreal. I want to offer my members opportunities to go out and discover their city. TV is overrated you know. We want you to get out and enjoy your city. We'll give you a suggestion. I'm saying: "Look, I have this great deal at L'Assomoir, you buy this deal for $19 and you get $45 worth of food!", here is an opportunity to go out and enjoy your city. I'm making it less expensive and giving you ideas on what to do. follows the "group buying" concept, when many people buy the same item, you can offer a discount for that item because you have guaranteed purchases. We offer deals on restaurants, spas, concerts and other various activities.

N. What gave you the idea to start this company?

JC. I used to work in the clothing business for a clothing store and realized that when we wanted to develop an online stores, the opportunities in e-commerce were much larger than just online stores. It started with Flash Sales which is like and then I saw an opportunity in group buying. At the time, there weren't so many of them like there are now, but I think we can make it if we really built our clientele well!

N. So how do we join?

JC. Well all you have to do is go on the website and subscribe by entering your e-mail address.. When you subscribe, you will receive our "Offer of the Day" to your inbox. As a member, you can purchase any of the others you desire! Share them, send them to your friends. Have all your friends buy the same one and you can all go out and party hard together! (N. You can go check out their FIRST OFFER by clicking here)

N. What makes so special, there are so many other Group Buying companies out there?

JC. Well a part from myself (haha).We aren't a general store like some of the others you find out there, who offer discounts on car maintenance, to laser eye surgery to restaurant discounts. We want to build a niche in the market for the "urban customer", for Generation Y. We have a very selective approach and we specifically target our offers. We want to offer our members nothing but quality - not necesarly high-end, because high-end is price related as opposed to quality establishments which can be cool trendy places like l'Assomoir, or any type of spa!

N. So now are you only serving Montreal?

JC. Montreal is the first step, but Quebec City, and Ottawa are in the works.

N. You mean that you're going to keep for anglophones as well?

JC. No no N.!!!

N. So when you aren't working hard as an entrepreneur, what do you do for fun?

JC. I really only work. (N. He does, after our meeting he went straight back to work!!). But I also spend time with my girlfriend and I make time to ski and play tennis on weekends. I also love to go out to Baldwin on Thursdays.

N. What's your favorite restaurant?

JC. Le Petit Italien sur Bernard. Love that place. Their Osso Bucco is delicious.

N. Favorite meal?

JC. Fois gras. I like it more than the average person.

N. Favorite bar?

JC. Baldwin with a pint of blonde - you can never go wrong.

N. Best gift ever given?

JC. I like to spoil my Mom at Christmas with tons of little things. I go to Zara and pick up a bunch of little things for her. In this case, quantity is better than quality!

N. What for you is a perfect date?

JC. Going to shows - like opera (OSM) followed by a late dinner at LeMeac.

N. What's your biggest turn on and turn off?

JC. Sex appeal is my biggest turn on. It's the smile, the personnality. I can't really explain it. And my biggest turn-off is what we call in french "a germaine" - a man-woman. She talks like a man, acts like a man, feels the need to be in power and be like a man.

My extraordinary cucumber/strawberry drink I had at L'Assomoir!

Thank you JC!!!

NOW..... YOU CAN WIN VIEURBAINE.COM's first offer - $45 WORTH OF FOOD AND DRINKS AT L'ASSOMOIR ON NOTRE-DAME!!! (according to their website, it's a $19 VALUE). BUT YOU CAN HAVE IT FOR FREE FREE FREE if you "LIKE AND SHARE". Please "LIKE" the Facebook post announcing this article and SHARE the article! When you share the article, please write in your favorite drink! I will announce
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