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This post stems from a special request, a comment actually, posted on my post "Holiday Fashion for Men and Women". It goes as follows...

Hey I was wondering if you could post ideas for new years eve for a crowd that likes to dance (23- 28) year olds, since going into nightculbs is getting a tiny bit old to hang out with the younger crowds, suggestions?
it would be greatly appreciated!

Well to whoever posted this, Thanks! I think this is a great subject and I'm hoping that I can help you celebrate a fabulous New Years. 

First of all, NYE is overrated. It is. I'm telling you. I have been to Miami twice, with tickets costing me over $250, I have been to Times Square (I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT recommend EVER EVER EVER celebrating New Years Eve in Times Square - let me sum it up in a few words... a part from the company which was great, I froze my bum off in 18 gazillion layers of clothing from 7pm to midnight - TORTURE). Was it THAT special? No. Were the parties worth the amount I payed for them? No. So what does make an excellent NYE party? The people you spend it with. If you have a fun gang who wants to have fun, then you will have fun, no matter where you are. (well except if you are spending it standing outside...haha)

So to my comment poster, here are some ideas I have for you. It just so happens that I fit into that crowd you mention. I LOVE to dance and I'm between 23-28 and I have no interest in spending my NYE with youngsters in some club. Now, I'm not exactly sure where you are from, maybe Montreal. So... after researching a little, asking around.. This is what I came up for you.

1. I might be a little biased because I have been going to clubs and such for the past 3 years, so this year I'm in the mood for a great house party. House parties can be so much fun! You are celebrating with people you know, you can start up a dance floor in the living room and shake your booty till whatever time you want. Chit chatting with friends, no expensive drinks - this is my party of choice. 

2. HOWEVER, if you really want to go out in Montreal, I suggest Old Montreal. The difference between The Main (St-Laurent) and Old Montreal is the age group. Old Montreal caters to a much older crowd than the teeny boppers you might find on St-Laurent. Take a look at any of the great places in this area like - Vauvert, Velvet, Santos, Garde Manger, Confessionnal, W Hotel. This can apply to whatever city you live in, pick the places that usually have an older crowd, and it is most likely that the NYE party will also cater to that crowd. And maybe a part from Vauvert, but you can DANCE LIKE THE WIND at any of those locations I mentioned. But then again, it's NYE, dancing is mandatory.

3. Now if I were to make an exception and chose a few places on St-Laurent that will allow you to have fun without sitting next to your friend's kid sister that you use to babysit, I would recommend ROUGE (which is a favorite of mine). I have friends that went a couple years ago, and had a blast! Another place I would recommend is GLOBE. Globe is the only supperclub on St-Laurent that usually caters to an older crowd. The crowd isn't old, but older than let's say Med or Buena.

4. I looked up "Montreal NYE parties" and sadly didn't find anything too interesting unless you are into raving - of course there is RESOLUTION 2011, which goes on every year at the Bell Center, but this year because of the Cirque du Soleil show Quidam, the event will be held at Red Lite in Laval. Really not my style, but it could be yours! (See link here for Resolution 2011)

5. Depending on your crowd, renting out a place can be an option, but I believe you are little too close to the D-Day to go through all the trouble of renting a place, finding a DJ, etc. But you can consider it for next year. I rented out the MANAGO bar on Ste-Catherine for my 23rd Bday and friends after that rented it out for their bdays. It cost me.. $0.00!!! 

So here are the links for all the places (NYE party links) I mentioned above:
- Vauvert: I included the Facebook link to the party - $100 for dinner, $40 for admission after 10pm 
- Santos - they say that they might not be selling tickets online, so you might have to call them directly to get tickets
- Velvet - Tickets are $40 (no mention of Open Bar)
- Garde-Manger - no link - I suggest you call them up and ask (514) 678-5044
- Globe - Dinner and Dance package - $124 per person - food included, but no open bar
- Rouge - $40 - Open bar 10pm to 11pm.
- Confessionnal - no link for NYE party, call to check

Seems that the running deal is $40 for entrance to all these parties, which is nice because it cuts the quantity of people going out, so you aren't all squished..

So in hopes that this helped you out a little - also for all other readers, if you have great NYE party ideas please comment below! 

My only words of wisdom are - make sure you celebrate with great people, the location is just extra!



sabrina said...

Hey NAtalie! Its SAbrina! your blogs are AWESOME! I forgot to mention in my question but number 2 was EXACTLY what aiming for so thanks a lot for the tips cos time is ticking tickets are getting expensive!

i was getting desperate and since your my new go-to blog girl we'll i figured you'd the girl to go ask hihi!

thanks and happy holidays! xx


N. said...

I am happy I could help! Have a great NYE!!