Monday, 27 December 2010

I got socks for Christmas

Merry Belated Christmas Everyone! Hope you all spent some good quality time with friends and family... I'm sure the drunken family gatherings with a side game of limbo or taboo were priceless. I also would like to express my most sincere sympathies to you if you chose Aunt Lucy's Christmas socks in your yearly gift exchange. But listen, christmas socks are always so perfect when you have no more socks left in your drawer or the perfect pair to use when you are just chilling at home. If you don't wear Christmas socks, you can use them to put on your own play version of Sock Scrooge - they might be perfect for the ghost of Christmas past. I'm thinking that you probably resorted to Dad's special cabinet selections - I hear a great Triple Sec martini makes all your weird family seem normal. I must say, when Auntie Suzie just can't get over how BIG you have gotten and your young cousins don't understand the concept of socialization and leave you stuck on that floral love seat between smelly Uncle John and crazy Aunt Thomas (yes I said Aunt Thomas..), the idea of that martini just seems like the best solution to get through those times. Then again you might be stuck with the most awesome siblings, inside jokes, and violent games of Apples to Apples, sipping some vino, eating industrial quantities of cheese and crackers and leftover turkey - and your holiday season could last a lifetime. Well then good for you! We all have our ways of celebrating and making the best of this time. I hope for you that you did make the best of it, whatever cards you were dealt.

So my little words of wisdom, if you are still celebrating with your crazy family, try to find the positive in it. This is the best time to be a chameleon and try to get along with even the weird ones. You can even refer back to my "How to be interesting" post if you don't know what to talk to them about. It's the time to make an effort to know the ones you have neglected. I even suggest spending one on one time with your grandparents (if they are still around). Life is so short and you never want to have any regrets. Happy Holidays!!!


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