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Holiday Fashion For Men and Women

N. doesn't always have the greatest style...
What to wear this holiday season? Sequins? Color? Black? Basic? I say, what ever you want! Feel good about what you are wearing and I'm sure it will look great. Well, maybe not always great, but most of the time. Let me share with you a beautiful Aqua sequins dress I tried in New York last October. I loved it, felt good in it. Did it look great? Not too sure.

I'm not a fashion expert, and my tastes can sometimes be a little questionable (you can ask my mom or my sister!), but I have come up with a few fun outfits for the Holiday season. Whether you are sitting by a fire with your family and friends, a trendy night out on the town, or a luxurious New Years Eve party, you might find something below that actually suits your fancy. I have included some of my favorite stores in and around the city so if something actually interests you, you can run to the store and pick it up!

First, let's start with Fireplace fashion.. the staple for this season is a beautiful sweater. I found these at Banana Republic, American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy and Hollister.

There is something about big sweaters that we all love. They are so comfortable, pretty and keep us really warm.  I would pair this one with a simple tank or t-shirt and a pair of  dark jeans and Christmas socks! (American Eagle)
I found this great sweater on the Old Navy website. I love the colors. Off white, grey, beige . Beautiful.   Pair this beauty with a great simple long sleeve top (you can find one at HM or James Perse if you are in the mood for something a little better) - comfy pair of boyfriend jeans or leggins will do the trick.

There is nothing sexier on a man than a beautiful sweater. I love this navy one from Hollister. Buttons or not, paired with a great pair of dark jeans and a white t-shirt, this outfit will make any woman want to get close with a yummy cup of coco (+ Baileys!) cuddling in front of the fireplace.

I am a sucker for men wearing Banana Republic.  I don't know why, but there is something about a man that dresses well that just makes me melt. I'm not saying to look like you are going out every night, but take this sweater for instance paired with a nice plaid shirt and medium washed jeans, it is a perfect daytime look suitable for any man!

Night Out Fashion - I have come up with a few styles I like for going out this holiday season. Zara tends to be my go-to for this look. Their pieces are perfect and their collections are so different that anyone can find a few pieces that they love.

Zara Boots - Just fabulous! A woman can never have too many boots.
I think all women look amazing in black - clean, and sophisticated. This animal print jacket just adds that perfect amount of WOW factor.

Huge fan of the blazer paired with the t-shirt . Sophisticated, yet fun. (Zara Men)

A man can never go wrong with a few key shirts. This one isn't over the top, but paired with a great pair of  dark jeans and a killer smile, I can guarantee that it won't disappoint. (Zara)

New Years Eve luxury fashion - NYE is the time to go all out. Bring out the pretty dresses, the clean suits, the original shirts and of course those glasses of champagne!

I love the black and white combo - elegant with a twist. Add some simple silver jewelry or maybe a statement ring and voila - you are ready for your Champagne and that passionate midnight kiss!

Let's play a little! Betsey Johnson always has the best party dresses! It's New Years!  As Coco Chanel said: "A woman must be 2 things : classy and fabulous" Well doesn't this just sum it up. (

For men, I looked hard and long to find a complete outfit, and I never seemed to find anything as perfect as I wanted. I did however find this post - How to Build the Perfect New Years Outfit for Men, which is quite interesting and can be a great "Go-To" for any man in the market for a perfect New Years Eve outfit. You can even go back to my post - "The Men's Fashion Guru" to get some advice from Pierre-Benoit, he is much more specialized than me. Zara, BR, Ben Sherman, Revolve, Jack and Jones are just some brands that make excellent men clothing.

As my last words of wisdom,  remember when shopping, don't ever buy something in hopes that it will fit one day; buy for your body now. Also, there is no need to follow fashion to a T, buy items that suit your body. Skinny jeans and pleated pants aren't for everyone. With these 2 little tricks, we will look fabulous this Holiday Season!

Here are some of the websites for the clothes I mentioned above:
Banana Republic
Hollister Co
American Eagle
-Betsey Johnson

If you have any more ideas of great stores  to find holiday outfits, please do add them in the comments below! Many minds are better than one!

Happy clothes shopping! (The best holiday shopping there is!)


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Hey I was wondering if you could post ideas for new years eve for a crowd that likes to dance (23- 28) year olds, since going into nightculbs is getting a tiny bit old to hang out with the younger crowds, suggestions?
it would be greatly appreciated!