Sunday, 5 December 2010

"Hmm too much information."

I was about to post an article about Christmas shopping and great gifts to get your loved ones, don't worry, it's still in my drafts, but I felt the need to share with you some thoughts I have on my own blog.

After sending and talking about it to my closest friends and family, I realized something. I realized that I was maybe being a little too open with all my opinions. As much as I enjoy writing about it all, as much as I enjoy to keep some things private and keep some opinions to myself. I don't want people knowing me better through my blog than they do in real life.

I met up with a friend who told me that she just doesn't recognize me through my blog, that my opinions seem to be very close minded. She is an ultra private person and I could see where she was coming from. She told me - I know the N. I have known for 10 years and then I am learning to know the N. in this blog who isn't at all the N. I have known. Now that's not my goal. My goal isn't to show a different part of myself, but to actually put my point of view out there to maybe spark reflection or spark some kind of introspection. I do not have a degree in anything I talk about, but I do know a lot of people and I do know have many things these people have dealt with and that it may be good to share for you all to know that you might not be alone. That there is way to get through it all and that I might provide some advice to help you through it. Now, maybe my point of views were a little too personal and that I should keep some mystery to me, that I shouldn't divulge my deepest thoughts on some of these matters and that well, the better you know me, the better you will understand where I'm coming from.

With all the Facebooks, Twitters and the rest out there, our private life is really shown to everyone. We know where people have traveled, when they have cut their hair, what they ate for supper or what prize they have won. I believe to know more about people's lives now than I did back in the day when you had to pick up the phone or e-mail someone to know how they are. Privacy has taken a new turn, and things that use to be private, just aren't anymore. We know everything and it's almost scary. Like the new  "See Friendship" on Facebook, that allows you to analyze friends in common, pictures, posts, events attended by 2 people. Hmmm too much information. As if Facebook wasn't public enough, this just makes everything out in the open - to things we don't even want to make public - like random Christmas party pictures to drunken posts by some random guy that might think you look really sexy. We are constantly making sure not too much information is out there. How many times I have heard that Facebook has ruined relationships? Too many. We have become some kind of weird stalkers interested in knowing who's doing what with who and where. Why? Because the information is there. It allows us to creep up on people. It allows us to find out about guys/girls we might go on dates with, to any potential candidate for a job. All information is just out there for us to grab on to and do what we want with it. Where has our privacy gone? And look at me, I am not any better.. I have started a blog about my inner most important opinions about some of the most important issues we deal with every day. Is it entertaining? Probably.

But I thank those that came forward with their feedback, whether it be good or bad and told me honestly what they thought of this blog. From giving too much information, to being honest and interesting, to making you smile - all feedback was much appreciated and I do hope to hear more of it.

What I have decided is to be less personal and to try to talk about subjects that might less private. Will you still be interested? Well I do hope so. "Discovering your City" seemed to be one of the most read articles and appreciated a lot - and in there - I didn't mention much that was too personal. So I'm guessing that you do still appreciate my literature.

As my last words of wisdom, let's just try to keep things more to ourselves and I should do the same. Being more mysterious is more sexy after all.


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