Thursday, 16 December 2010

Entertaining in the middle of the week

Who says that entertaining or seeing friends should only be on weekends? It should be all the time! I personally am a big fan of spending 1 on 1 quality time with some of my friends during the week. You can go out for dinner, you can stay in, you can go see a movie, whatever you chose, weekdays are perfect opportunities to catch up with friends.

I have put together a NON-FAIL plan for a successful weekday get together with your BFF (pictures are extra!) You don't feel like spending too much money, we all know that Christmas is around the corner and that extra $100 you have in your account, well you much prefer spending it on your dad's Riedel wine glasses than on some diner in the middle of the week! Hey, I can't blame you! I think the same thing. So what do you don't really feel like cooking, you don't feel like putting much effort, so here is my idea of a PERFECT 1 on 1 date and I hope that this will incite you to call up your friend and have them over for some dinner and long chit chats!

First things first - food. A non-fail food option is a frozen lasagna. It's filling, it's yummy and it simply does the trick! If you are close to a Loblaws, a Presidents Choice one is just perfect.  Takes about 1 hour in the oven (make sure to put it in the oven right when you get home from work so once your company arrives, it's almost ready). There is also a Costco lasagna that I'm a big fan of as well. Now while you're waiting for your lasagna to cook, you can A. have some munchies - like hummos and veggies, bread and cheese, pickles, olives, whatever. And B. something to drink. For this weekday evening, our drink of choice was some bubbly - see Step 1. Popped some bubbly, ate some cheese and bread (that we put in the oven so it's all warm) and waited for our lasagna while we chit chatted about NYE plans and what not. Now while this is all going on, you can't forget an important piece of the puzzle, the MUSIC. You always need some kinda background music whether it be "The Hit List", some jazz, some oldies or the new Kanye CD. Eating with a beat is necessary. Once you start your lasagna or pasta, or pizza, or whatever you chose, open a nice bottle of vino - see STEP 2. Moma is a great red wine with hints of coffee. Just delicious. Once you are done your meal, sipping your vino, talking about friends, love, life, career, whatever - just relax. It's getting late, but it doesn't really matter, what time do you get to bed on regular nights anyways, no too early! So even if you do get to bed early, time to make an exception! Sip your wine. Enjoy it. Make your way to living room if you must but I wouldn't open the TV. You're there to spend quality time with your friend so talk to them!

 Once you are finished your wine, finished your meal - you can head over to dessert. Now what to have for dessert... Well a special favorite of mine is McCain Chocolate Cake. I know, I'm a sucker for that delicious piece of heaven. 10 sec in the microwave and I'm the happiest girl to have ever lived. Or pull out a yummy box of chocolates - hmm hello - you never know what you gonna get! And this can be followed and or maybe I suggest taking this before dessert is STEP 3 - Pickle Vodka shooters. I know, you must be telling yourself. HORRID. But no. Actually delicious. Snookie from Jersey Shore would approve. * Find the difference between picture to your left and picture below *. Yes you discovered. We drank the shooters!

After all is consumed, it might be quite late, you might be quite tipsy, but I must say you had a pretty successful evening. To be repeated ASAP.

If you have any ideas for quick home-cooked meals - easy for entertaining another or 2 other people, please add your comments below!

As my last words of wisdom, try to have a dinner like this at least once every 2 weeks or maybe 3 weeks, invite a friend or get invited. Quality time like that is precious so use it well.


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