Monday, 22 November 2010

We all need to take the time to smell the roses...

I was watching NCIS recently, either Saturday or Sunday, I can't remember, and one of the characters said that...referring to people who make work their only concern.

I beleive this saying can be said to anyone who doesn't take the time to really enjoy life's pleasures. We all say, well I don't have time, I need to finish *put in work* first, I will do it later and we all put life's pleasures on hold. As if we needed to wait until we were too old to actually enjoy what life has presented us with. The long walks on the beach without a destination or time of return, buying that much loved purse you always wanted, taking a trip to Southeast Asia, visiting friends abroad, learning another language, sitting on the Spanish steps, need I go on. As much as these are life's big pleasures, I can understand that not everyone has the time to take time off and do them. Instead, why don't we start small.

Why don't we start with lazy Sundays with loved ones, and long baths on weekdays. I even suggest taking out your finest jewelry for a fun night out with the girls. Or for you guys, a game of touch football with the boys.

As I was sitting at home yesterday working on a few things, I put away my computer, made myself a hot chocolate and listened to jazz. I closed my eyes and let the sounds of Oscar Peterson take me out of my work. This for me is a simple pleasure. And I fail to see too many people actually taking the time to live these simple pelasures. From hiking, to brunch with friends, or just enjoying art at the museum. We make time for our work, for business meetings, but we need to start taking the time to smell the roses before it's too late. For anyone reading this blog, I suggest we take 30 min every day and do something we love. Paint. Dance. Sing. Cook. No one wants to live with regrets, no one wants to be 55 and realize that they never took the time to do the things they enjoy.

So my last words of wisdom... take that time, and then if you really have the guts, take a couple weeks off work and travel, visit, learn a new culture, learn a new language.
So go on, smell those roses :)

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SketchupMax said...

Bien dit ! Tu me donne le goût de jouer au touch football ! Température parfaite !!!

Max Beaulac