Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Starting fresh...

So how do I start? Well I have already started, clearly this blog has existed for a while, but the purpose was never really defined. My thoughts, subjects that interest me, pieces that might interest others or not. My goal was just to let it out. Whatever it was that I was thinking, I believed it needed to be out there for someone else to enjoy.
Well, as I write my first post of 2010 - in November (brilliant N.), I ask myself, and you might also ask me. Why start up again? Stats say that over 6 million blogs are abandonned every year. So, here's the thing. My goals aren't quite precise, but I believe we will see what happens along the way. I hate to sound a little too spiritual, but I had a calling recently. A series of events that happened in my life not so long ago, that pushed me to start this back up again. All events turn to the main theme - A Friend in Need, is a Friend indeed. I felt like I should talk a little. How friendship, about relationships, about passions. Not that I'm a specialist, but I have a point of vue...

I have come to realize that friends are part of the most precious thing any person can have. Yes having a spouse is extremely precious, but to me friends is right up there too! Why is that? Well, friend's love IS conditional. Friendships don't just fall into your hands, you need to build them and cherish them. They take work, time and sacrifice. The biggest reward for me, from a friend, is when they actually need me. When they pick up the phone, dial my number, and hope for some worthy advice. Sometimes the requests don't come so bluntly. Sometimes they take shape under "I want to see you", or "You busy this evening?" but deep down you know that they need your presence because chances are their lives aren't too perfect and need a helping hand.

I have always been a very sociable person and everyone I know can probably attest to that but real friendships don't come from the millions of people you meet, but come from those special ones. Those friends that you have you might met through other people and just click, or the ones that you have known all your life, or even the ones you might randomly have met at the grocery store. All those special individuals, the ones you can see 1 on 1 represent the true friendships that we have.
And some take it for granted... especially the long term friendships. In my experience, with long term friendships, they have become like family and like with family, you know they will always be there. You try not to take them for granted, but sometimes you do. You raise your voice, you snap when you shouldn't, you get upset for no good reason, you lash lose all filters. But sadly friendships, like relationships, can go away.

I have always admired my sister for the friends that she has, not that mine aren't great, they are (if you are reading this YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!) But my sister C. has always had a great group of friends, whom she has all brought together. She is their leader, their root and she doesn't even live in the same city as they do. She built friendships based on trust and love. And no wonder she has been a bridesmaid almost 6 times and maid of honor, she makes people feel good. And that's really what it's all about, it's to make others feel happy around you, to make them feel good. To feel like they can trust you with their deepest secret or their most crazy dream without judgement. But of course TO CHERISH. To really appreciate...

So I finish my first post with little words of wisdom - cherish your friends - tell em you love em and bake them a cake! Cake is yummy, everyone likes cake!

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