Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas magic starts with a tree...

The second I walked into my home when I got back from work, my coat still on and closed, my purse still in my hand, I rushed to the living room to make sure my roomy was there. It was Christmas Tree time! I felt a similar Christmas morning thrill, like I was excited to see what Santa had in store for me, but this time.. it was all about the tree.

Last year, I went over to Danson Decor (they are having a Christmas sale in a couple weeks, I will make sure to post the info soon, because I'm sure there are other Christmas fanatics like myself out there...), and I got all equipped. I bought a tree WITH LIGHTS INCLUDED! Yes that's right people.. Lights come already on the tree no need to get all twisted and tied. It's a 4 step process - 4 pieces to put together, plug it in and voila - a lit tree! I got a really nice looking Santa (that is actually looking at me right now), a reef that we already put on our door and a bunch of other little decorations that we put around the house. It's safe to say that we are both Christmas fanatics. 

So now my tree is finished and I'm proud. Take a look! There is something so soothing about looking at a lit Christmas tree. When I was a child, I could spend long periods of time in the living room just looking at the tree, no other lights were on. I would suddenly feel more calm and when I got older, that feeling never went away. The sight of that tree just made everything better. What stress? What long day? What problems? The tree became my stress reliever. Too bad it only lasts one month.  
Now I'm sitting in my living room, writing to you, no other lights than the tree are on and I couldn't feel more at peace. Christmas does that to you I guess. For me it does. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing family, great friends and despite not having a serious man in my life, I still feel extremely blessed. Maybe that's why the tree is so soothing. 
It reminds me of those cold Christmas eves, gazing through the window, trying to find that sleigh, that hero of mine dressed in a big red suit with that brilliantly white as snow beard, those flying reindeer and maybe even catch a glimpse of Rudolf's red nose.
It reminds me of me telling my Mom TO MAKE SURE the fire in fireplace was out because I certainly didn't want Santa burning himself. How guilty would I feel! PLUS, he wouldn't leave me any gifts! 
It reminds me of those 6am Christmas mornings with my family - back in the day when I still wore those "special" Christmas pjs  (Caro, Phil and Pat.. you know exactly what I'm talking about...). I would wake up my parents and run downstairs to find the half eaten chocolate chip cookies with crumbs spread all the way to the fireplace, a glass of milk,  half drank of course. Oh boy oh boy! Santa came to MY HOUSE! He left ME presents! Gifts were signed: from Mr and Mrs Claus, how special!  But how did he know I needed that new skating dress? I never told him. But that was the magic of Christmas, Santa always knew. Santa knew everything. Damn, he decided if I would get coal or not. I certainly didn't want coal. 
And I will let you all in to a little secret... I believed in Santa up until the age of 9! Yes. 9! I could tell you, I was quite disappointed when I found out the truth, but the magic of Christmas never died. Not at the age of 9 and still not at the age of 26.  It's that time of the year that I feel thankful for the wonderful people around me, that issues are forgiven and that new beginnings can take place.
Christmas magic can mend problems, stress, anything..you just need to believe in it. 

As my last words of wisdom, if you have a tree, do what I do, sit in your living room, close all lights and let the tree do its magic. Leave your stressful days behind, think of forgiving friends that slipped, think of helping someone who needs care.  I even suggest turning on a little holiday jazz music. My favorite of course is Kenny G (I can see right now Gab and Lo just rolling their eyes) YES I LOVE KENNY G. AND I'M PROUD!!! So here, I even included my favorite Kenny G Christmas song... So.. as I was saying, look at your tree, if you don't have one, you can admire mine, yes I know it is wonderful ;), relax and believe in the magic.



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