Monday, 29 November 2010

It's not what you know, but who you know...

I have always been one to start off projects - from starting my own Dragon Boat team for the Cedars Cancer Institute, to starting up the "Communaute Secrete - Fabulous Thursdays", to organizing my annual Christmas party with my friends and to starting this blog.  Organizing events runs through my veins. I can't get enough of it and I'm always hungry for the next project. 

Luckily, a couple months ago, I bumped into a few friends one random night out and an idea sparked. We realized that we knew A LOT of people, that we are the movers and shakers of our separate groups, but that we don't seem to use our network to its full potential.  From individuals that I mentioned in my previous post who are starting companies, to the ones that work in construction, the lawyers, the doctors, the accountants, the salespeople and more - all these people are first of all friends, but also very useful contacts for whatever project we may have.  And we asked ourselves - how can we be better acquainted with the people we know? How can we help each other in a business point of view?

In society, it really is about who you know, not as much what you know. Personally, I prefer to go to someone I know with a project in mind, instead of hiring a random company I find on the net. I'm sure this idea is shared by many. Despite being friends on Facebook, we don't always realize how important these other people may be. How important we can be to them and how important they can be for us. For instance, I have friends that work in construction, and others buying condos, maybe those condo buyers need some renovation done. And voila. CONNECTION. We trust the ones we know. This is why in many companies, people that are hired are sometimes references from other people already working in that same company. They aren't just nobodies, but somebodies with known backgrounds and credentials. And yes, they have a better chance at getting hired. Yes, It might not always be fair, but that's how it works! 

So, to my exclusive readers, I'm telling you to keep your eyes and ears open for the next little while to see the birth of a great association - for friends - for friends that can help friends. I need to keep some of the suspense going, so I won't divulge our name just yet, but it's brilliant! Our goal is to get you all together, from whatever industry you might be from and have some good fun! We're hoping that you will network a little, and see how you can help each other, but the main goal is to have fun with long lost friends and maybe you might gain some new ones. 
The date for our first event won't be for a little while, which gives us plenty of time to organize quite the event! We're hoping that as many of you will show up, have a few drinks, a few laughs, pick up a few business cards and leave happy! Who knows who you might meet.. Someone to help you find a job in the industry you want, someone to help you buy a home, someone you can help with a specific project or even a special someone who will take you out on a nice date! Possibilities are endless! I'm really excited for this project, and I really hope it takes off. It has the potential to be really big if everyone is into the idea.

I must say, my committee and I are not fans of traditional networking happy hours, so this is not what we want to create, we want to create something fun, relaxed, no pressure and leave you to the talking, whatever the outcome may be. 

So as my last words of wisdom, it can only be positive to attend such an event, to have fun with friends and to maybe you get a little more out of it. So, you have been warned, keep your eyes and ears open...This event is gonna be great! 



Anonymous said...

CANT WAIT!!! This will be an amazing event and I look forward to hear more about it!!

Eve Marie said...

Great initiative Nat! I love the idea and have been thinking the same for long but have never taken the actual time to do something about it. If you need any help, just holler my way.

N. said...

Eve Marie, funny you should mention that because I was meaning to talk to you about it. I think you can be a great asset to our team! Je te donnes des news bientot! :)