Sunday, 28 November 2010

Is Chocolate Ever Better Than Sex?

As a woman, a foodie, as someone who has the biggest sweet tooth in the world (well maybe not in the world, but boy do I sometimes get mega choco cravings... let's just say that I keep 70% Lindt choco in my pantry at all times for my late night cravings...), this question has certainly picked my curiosity. Why exactly is it a question? I guess for some, chocolate provided more pleasure than sex. Poor them.

I wanted to get down and dirty (word choice seemed appropriate for this post...) and really understand how come it even became a question. I will spare you the scientific names, but it seems that chocolates ingredients improve your mood and get you more excited. I must admit that when I fall on some delicious chocolate, the experience is quite gratifying. Yes, the sounds I make, at such moments of sensuous transcendence, the gasps, the cries of joy, the wordless moans, are like those you hear through the paper-thin walls of roadside motels. But, that’s not sex or better than sex. It’s just another wonderful moment I can share with all the same senses we all use to register the sensory input of making love.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that triple chocolate, half baked brownie with hot fudge can probably produce some of the most primal sensations, like trembling, heat rush and eyes-closed pleasure, which might induce somewhat of a gastronomic orgasm. But does it provide that out-of-body experience, that leaves you exhausted but energized, your body vibrating, craving the next encounter, craving those lips and those hands in too-hot-to-mention areas? I don't think so. 

So it might seem as sensually satisfying as having a wild night with that blue eyed stranger you met that night at the bar, who made your knees weak and made you lose all sense of what is right or wrong (see previous post!), but it just doesn't compare. 

But of course, if this blue eyed stranger is no where in sight, or if your man is out with his friends and you need a quick fix, (well there is always another solution...), but you can seize that chocolate cupcake that has been looking at you from across the room. It might not make your knees weak, but it will certainly fix a void. 

Then again, why chose one when you can have both? As my last words of wisdom, like I mentioned previously, we must seize all pleasures of life - have your chocolate and have your sex. You can have your cake and eat it too. Ever heard of chocolate syrup? It does do wonders. 



Anonymous said...

how do you explain late night whole chicken cravings?

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