Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Discovering your own city

So when's the last time you did something out of the ordinary in your own city? Have we all visited the Oratory? Have we all been to the Musee des Beaux Arts? How about Upstairs Jazz Bar or Comedy Works? Well I have never been to Comedy Works, but I'm going tonite with my roomy! IMPROV NIGHT! (this outing is what gave me the idea to write about this). I always try to make it a point to try to discover something new about the city.

The problem is that not everyone is always willing to catch the Montreal Roller Derby Woman's team, or attend random cupcake events or try a tour of the city. Will I do it alone? Maybe one day. I recently experienced going to see a movie on my own. I saw Despicable Me starring Steve Carell. What a hilarious movie? But you know, i realized while watching that movie how much I truly enjoy watching a movie with someone else. You get that feedback, that feedback that you don't really get when you're alone. The "Oh did you see that" or "OMG, He's so hot" aren't experienced the same way when you watch a movie on your own. You realize how much things are much better when shared.

OK OK. I went a little off topic here. But I must say. I did make a good point in claiming that activities of course are much better when shared - so try to find that quirky partner who is willing to try something new. Hey! If you can't find anyone, ask me!

Some of my favorites discoveries include finding new brunch places - I know - not the biggest discovery - but boy did I find some amazing ones. The Cartet on McGill, Griffintown Cafe on Notre-Dame.. 2 EXCELLENT BRUNCH PLACES! Other great discoveries are the art galleries down St-Paul in Old Montreal. I have tried to walk into every single one... I even have a favorite artist! Told myself that when I have the money to do, I will def buy one of her paintings. Her name is Gisele Bouliane (http://www.giseleboulianne.com/). She paints amazing urban landscapes especially of Times Square. Another activity I very much enjoy is a Monday night at Upstairs Jazz Bar. Jim Doxas is the lead drummer, he also plays with Oliver Jones in a trio. He's amazing! It's only 5$ and the shows are usually great. My grandmother is a big jazz fan and she's the one who usually brings me to all sorts of concerts...sometimes it's random artists during Jazz Fest or any type of artist she reads up in the paper. Gotta love my Granny!

So I just got back from ComedyWorks, what a treat! Improv night is amazing and especially with a fun roomy like the one I have... her ideas are always so well received... Props to the slinky and the penguin! Tuesday night at Comedy Works... IS A MUST! Also, only $5 and boy did I laugh!

If you have any other ideas of great activities to do in this city, please do tell! Im always looking for the next best thing! We have so many concerts going on all the time, so many things to discover. Indiemontreal.com is a great reference for all the up and coming artists, shows are always cheap and you can fall on something pretty amazing!

So.. as my last words of my wisdom...Be a tourist in your own city! You never know what you might discover!!

Night Night!!


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