Monday, 29 November 2010

Being your own boss...

I just want to take a bit of time to thank all of you that come back so often to read all my new posts. This blog is constantly changing and I really appreciate your feeback, so please don't hesitate to write to me and let me know what you think - or even let me know if there is a subject that you would want me to talk about!

Starting off something new is always a little difficult...whether it be a new company, a new career, a new idea or even a new blog! You always need a little kick in the bum to get going and to really put all the efforts in making something happen. I read a great quote today that said : "Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down." - Charles F. Kettering. Well I might be the exception in this quote, because I'm actually sitting down, and I'm stubbling on quite an interesting blogging world! I believe I always enjoyed writing but never actually put it into practice, didn't think what I had to say was that interesting, but then again, maybe I was wrong!

I want to hand it out to all the wonderful people around me that are making huge efforts to be entrepreneurs, and that I see are quite successfull. For some reason, these days, many new companies have emerged from friends of mine and I congragulate their passion to do so. It takes sacrifice, time, passion and mostly hope. Hope that whatever you create will be well received, will be a success and will continue to grow.

People start being entrepreneurs for a couple reasons, one of course is being your own boss and making your own schedule. But I think deep down, these people actually want to do what they love and think they can make a living out of it. I'm not saying all entrepreneurs are the same, but I do believe they were searching for something to do that would actually make them HAPPY. Not building something for someone else, or building something they don't really believe in, but building their own career and their own passion. I respect that. It takes a lot out of someone to start up and to succeed.

Let me take the time to dedicate this second part to some of the great entrepreneurs around me - maybe their services would interest you! It's about passing it forward!

  • Les Entreprises Andre G. Nadeau Entreprises
OK OK. I might be a little biased, this is my Dad of course. A consultant no less. A strategy consultant, who has worked on projects for companies in the health, telecom, wines and spirits, education and energy industries. He's the one that takes your company from "sick" mode to "healthy" mode. I admire my Dad, because he was working in a big company, in a senior position and decided that he wanted to be his own boss and do his own thing. His success is an inspiration and goes to show that you can start something new at any age!
  • Gabrielle Vaugeois
Despite her being one of my best friends, I need to congragulate her on being one of the most hard-working girls I know. She helped a small jewelry company, under the name Charlotte Hosten go from zero to hero! Charlotte Hosten is another success story in terms of entrepreneurs and her jewelry is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Since Charlotte, Gabrielle has been helping several different clients start off their new companies, wheter it be fashion, sports or design, her techniques are working with any type of individual. She is the perfect person to see if you are struggling to really get your head out of all the work you need to do and into an organized plan, destined for success
  • TrendVault
With all the Beyond the Racks, Gilt Groupe and Rue La La out there, my friend JP decided to start TrendVault just a couple of weeks ago. A very gutsy move on his part, but he can be very successful. These discount shopping websites are becoming more and more popular, this can be huge! Beyond the Rack, a Montreal-based company, now has over 2.6 million subscribers! I'm sure TrendVault can find their niche in this market. I have given him some of my advice and I'm excited to see how this company will develop in the next few months!

A product of my friend Jean-Claude, is a new website cattering to the Montreal young professionnals offering great deals on restaurants, spas and retail stores. Their services aren't available yet, but their marketing is right on! Win free spa treatment for a year by sharing their website on your Facebook page! Brilliant! I see this company growing and I will be right there to watch it grow...

  • Clusier -  habilleur
This isn't a new company like the rest (well except for my Dad's also), but I needed to mention it because it is my friend PB, with whom I went to CEGEP who started off this business with his Dad. Clusier is a Men's store located on 432 McGill in the Old Port. I remember when this men's store made it's debut, years ago, and since then, it has become a staple in all Montreal business men. There aren't too many men's stores in Montreal, but this one really sets itself a part from some amazing brands and their digital suit measurer, which I think is pretty awesome! I only wish they made suits for women (yes i have told him to get into that)

And there are even more!

And good luck to all you entrepreneurs! It isn't easy, but with will, motivation and an open mind, success is at our fingertips!

As my last words of wisdom, if you really think you have a good product or service to offer and you're too scared to start something, or not quite sure, try consulting Gabrielle Vaugeois! or take the plunge! With no risk, there is no gain...


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