Friday, 4 May 2007

No time... no blog!!

Since I got promoted a few weeks ago, I really haven't had the time to write this blog.
There was an article in the newspaper the other day that stated that over 200 000 000 blogs have been abandonned since 2000. Imagine, in 7 years, people start up blogs and just decide to not write anymore. Well I can't blame them, after a while, it gets boring! Life takes over and well.. there are other things a bit more interesting than sitting in front of a computer and informing other people on what interests you.
Do they really care?
Well apparantly, I am aware that some of you do follow my blog! YEEEEHH to you! and hopefully, I will be able to make this more interesting. Find subjects that do interest me and that will certainly interest you.

I gotta get back to work!

But if you are interested...I like to read some info I find on . Quite interesting website! Take a look! ;)

- NC

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