Sunday, 4 March 2007

Wikiwiki What???

We are all victims of it, all seen it, used it, referenced it, quoted it and simply love visiting it...even though it might not be totally accurate.....we still love itttt!!! What is it you ask???

WIKIPEDIA.. of course!!! The ultimate online encyclopedia that I practically use to search anything that might interest me!!!
So basically...this little post here is to show you that... ANYTHING can be found on Wikipedia..

Starting with the origin of my blog's name.. TE KI TOI!!!!!! I love saying it.. Té ki toi!?
"Tékitoi is a studio album released in 2004 by the Franco-Algerian musician Rachid Taha. The title is a nonstandard spelling of the French question "Tu es qui, toi?" which might be pronounced in speech as "T'es qui, toi?" and means "Who are you?" informally."

Well to be honest, i used it, cuz in my family, its a quite common saying... that with.. T'es un koi toi?

Another great find on Wiki... is the definition of a CAMELTOE..

"Cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of a woman's vulva when seen through tight, form-fitting clothes. Usually, a cameltoe is visible from the front. Web sites exist that are dedicated to publishing photographs of cameltoes. It can also be referred to as "moose knuckle."
The word cameltoe generally refers to a visible cleft between the labia, as between a real camel's toes. The size of a cameltoe is largely dependent on the size of the labia majora, not the labia minora, although the latter can contribute."

WOW! Quite specific if you ask me!!! LOL!!

Ok ok... another interesting one that I like very much is the answer to the famous question...

What came first the chicken or the egg??

The chicken or the egg is a reference to the causality dilemma which arises from the expression "which came first, the chicken or the egg?". Since the chicken emerges from an egg, and the egg is laid by a chicken, it is ambiguous which originally gave rise to the other. When used in reference to difficult problems of causality, the chicken and egg dilemma is often used to appeal to the futility of debate and lay it to rest.

Theological answers
According to
creationists who believe in Biblical inerrancy, birds were created "on the fifth day" as adolescents or adults. Since there is no reference to the creation of eggs, they presumably were then made by chickens afterwards by the normal process. Therefore, the chicken came first.
Alternatively, for those who accept the
intelligent design form of creationism, Eugene Volokh has noted that "In my experience, most creationists are also pro-life -- in which case, the egg is a chicken."

There was an article written by CNN which analyses this question...if you are interested, check out the website.

So as im writting about the chicken and the egg... at the end of the page on Wikipedia..and then there is a link to another famous question...


Lets see what Wiki had to say....

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" is one of the oldest and most famous riddles still in use in the English language. The most common answer is "To get to the other side." When asked at the end of a series of other riddles, whose answers are clever, obscure, and tricky, this answer's obviousness and straight-forwardness becomes part of the humor.

This riddle is very, very old and as a child's riddle, the original form might be lost forever. The modern-day version of the riddle makes its first published appearance in 1915. A 1905 reference mixes the riddle amongst other children's riddles. The earliest published form of the riddle as a joke can be found in an 1892 edition of Potter's American Monthly, which on page 319 gives the riddle in this form:
Why should not a chicken cross the road?
It would be a fowl proceeding.

Quite surprising how a simple riddle can turn into such a difficult and overdevelopped answer...

And the last one... well.. for all you know who u are...!! (not including me...)


Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee whiskey distillery and brand known for its rectangular bottles and black label. The company, based in Lynchburg, Tennessee, has been owned by the Brown-Forman conglomerate since 1957.

Tennessee whiskey is similar to bourbon but is different in that it is filtered through maple charcoal in large wooden vats prior to aging. Tennessee whiskey is also not subject to the regulations relating to bourbons, such as the use of new barrels and low level of distilling proof.
In October, 2004 it was announced that all generally-available Jack Daniel's products would thenceforth be bottled at 80 U.S. proof (40% alcohol by volume), which is the highest proof allowed in some jurisdictions; this will simplify the production process. (This reduction in alcohol content was condemned by Modern Drunkard magazine). Previously, the famous black-label brand (the better-quality, higher-priced product) had been 86 proof, where legal, the lower-end green label 80 proof; these marked reductions from the previous practice until recent years of bottling the black-label product at 90 proof and the green-label product at 86. Both are made from the same ingredients; the difference is determined by professional tasters who determine which of the batches will be graded out as worthy of being labelled with the prestigious black label, the rest being sold under the green label.

If you know of any other interesting Wiki articles.. tell me about it!!!
So have a nice weekkkk... be talknig to u soon!


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