Monday, 19 February 2007

The Question du Jour!

So... Im searching the net to find an interesting subject to develop.... everything from University studies proving fellatio reduces breast cancer (HAHAHA! Some group of men invented that one!!!!) to the development of a chemical "potion" that can make men gay!! But nothing really caught my attention...
Until my friend sent me a message...
tellin me..

"Nat, je teste ton intelligence..

I am third, I can sense, I am the home of many.
We are not the same, but we sound like we are.
Who are we?"

So Im sending it off to you... the first one to figure it out will get a reward from the wonderful me!!!

Lets see if u have what it takes.....

Well I was getting a little fed up, so I decided to ask my friend for the answer....
which is :
"C", SEE and SEA!
OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I didnt figure that out!!!!!!!! Anywayz....

- NC

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