Monday, 12 February 2007

Hallmark Holiday...

What exactly IS a Hallmark Holiday? A holiday to celebrate the wonderful Hallmark card company?! hehe! No, not really.

Hallmark holidays are known to all of us, and we have probably celebrated at least a few per year.

We call them this way because they are holidays that exist primarily for commercial purposes, rather than to commemorate a truly significant religious or secular event. The name comes from the card company as we know it, a company that presumably benefits from such manufactured events....

I would almost say that Christmas is somewhat of a HH...but I don't want to start frustrating some people..

But some well known HHs are:

- Mother's Day
- Secretary Day
- Father's Day
- and the well anticipated Valentine's Day!

According to the Greeting Card Association...
Approximately two-thirds of all Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day, and this year consumers will likely spend $16.9 billion on something special for their sweethearts, according to the National Retail Federation.
16.9 BILLION!!! Can you believe it?! No wonder the holidays are called Hallmark.. hallmark can freakin sponsor the holidays!!!!!!!!!
The worst thing is when I hear ads on the radios from Deco Decouverte, or la Maison Corbeil who are trying to convince the listeners to buy a freaking couch for their lover for Valentine's Day... A couch?! Yeah... I can just picture it..
-"Honey...Go into the living room... a gift for Valentine's Day awaits"
The woman getting all excited... maybe a pretty bracelet, necklace, card, letter etc etc..
Finally she walks into the living room and comes face to face with a sofa...
WOW! What a gift.. a freakin sofa! What makes a sofa a good gift? NOTHING...

A sofa isn't something you buy for someone... it takes both parties to decide and make a joint choice... also.. you buy a sofa, because you need a sofa.....not because it would make a good gift!!!!!!!I dunno if you are gettin my drift here.. But XNAY on the sofa for gifts, or blenders, or any household appliance if it isn't a wedding..

You wanna score... (this is for men I am saying...) be a little romantic..FLOWERS DIE..and CHOCOLATE MAKES U FAT!!! LOL!! Jewelry is KEY.. especially if you have been in a relationship over 7-8 months..if not.. and if you don't have the budget, nothing is better then a gift given from the heart...

For my b-day last week, I received a JUMBO b-day card signed by ALL my friends.. and that was worth more than any huge gift I could of gotten!!!!! So go ahead, find a picture of you and your love, frame it (they have great frames at Winners or Wal Mart!!!) write a little note behind the frame..or with it.. and VOILA!!! the perfect gift!

Now don't go saying.. well I m not goin to get a gift.. for me.. every day is Valentine's Day... (cheeeeeeessssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......) if you do, make sure the other person is aware of your feelings.....!!!!!!

Well those are my thoughts about Valentines Day..... you know, even though I am single.. doesn't mean I m against that day... yes it would be nice to have someone.. but you know, its not the end of the world!!! Last year, I went to supper with a friend of mine.. yummy sushi.. then went for drinks.. and got hit on all nite! LOL it was HILARIOUS!!!! loved it! And this year, I will probably be doing the same! so hey, its not a bad life!! :)
So thats that!!!

Have a nice week!



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