Sunday, 4 February 2007


Good morning dear friends!! Still can't believe I'm up at this time, considering that I got home at 5am!!! But hey.. my body is saying: I CANT SLEEP NO MORE! So well..........Im up, doing my thing, getting ready for SUPERBOWL 41.. which I always tend to watch at home with my familia even though there are a gazillion parties... I usually do that.. cuz Superbowl falls right around my b-day (which is the 7th!!!) and we have a big American themed B-day nite with Bud Light, Milwaukee beer, chicken wings.. etc etc! Always turns out to be a fantastic night!!!!!

Talking about the Superbowl... I find it completly crazy the amount of stuff thats hidden behind this tiny little game of footbal... well it probably aint that tiny.. but its still just a game, that a lot of people tend to take quite seriously! From over 1 billions dollars running on this game in bets to over 2 million dollars per 30 second ad spot... The amount of money that goes into this is INCREDIBLE. Slowly, the love of the game is disapearing... and becoming the love of the money...

According to an article I read on Infopresse... the big ads for tonite will be by Doritos where they asked regular ppl like us to submit their idea of a 30 sec commercial and the winner would have their ad played during Superbowl, Coke, who will show their new slogan :"The Coke Side of Life" where they mock the popular videogame Grand Theft Auto, Budweiser with 7 ads, Snickers, Unilever, Procter and Snapple just to name a few...

If you are interested.. here is the website to see last years big ads during the big game
I watched a few of them.. and my favorite one was a Beer not being a big fan of beer and all... but still thought this commercial was great...

And here is the much talked about commercial that will appear this year, tonite... with THE MOST AMAZING K-FED!!!!!!!!! (im being sarcastic.. by the way...)

And for that Doritos commercial.. there are approx 5 finalists... but this one is my favorite!!!

And PS.. I got some good news and bad news... good news for me.. I got sorta promoted... so I won't be able to write on my blog as much as I use to... and bad news for you because you won't be able to read my super interesting material as much!!!!

So anywayz, HAPPY SUPERBOWL!!! ENJOY! xxxxxxxxxxx

- NC

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