Monday, 19 February 2007

The Question du Jour!

So... Im searching the net to find an interesting subject to develop.... everything from University studies proving fellatio reduces breast cancer (HAHAHA! Some group of men invented that one!!!!) to the development of a chemical "potion" that can make men gay!! But nothing really caught my attention...
Until my friend sent me a message...
tellin me..

"Nat, je teste ton intelligence..

I am third, I can sense, I am the home of many.
We are not the same, but we sound like we are.
Who are we?"

So Im sending it off to you... the first one to figure it out will get a reward from the wonderful me!!!

Lets see if u have what it takes.....

Well I was getting a little fed up, so I decided to ask my friend for the answer....
which is :
"C", SEE and SEA!
OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I didnt figure that out!!!!!!!! Anywayz....

- NC

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Aphrodisiacs... Revealed

For thousands of years, horny philosophers have wondered whether there exists in nature a true aphrodisiac that will arouse desire in the opposite sex. More recently, horny scientists have sought to create a chemical compound that will do the same thing, thus increasing their probability of getting a date....
How sad! Its as if everyone is coming up with pills or some kind of medication to fix something in you.. You can't perform.. you get Viagra. You can't concentrate, you get ritalin or prozac to calm you down. You can't sleep, another pill...

Are you telling me there is some kind of love potion out there?!
Thanks, but no thanks!

What is the world coming to when you see ads on TV for products that will make you "Attract the opposite sex with scientifically engeneered pheromones"

First things first... What the hell is pheromones?

According to Wikipedia...
"A pheromone is any chemical or set of chemicals produced by a living organism that transmits a message to other members of the same species."
"Some commercially-available substances are advertised using claims that the products contain human sexual pheromones and can act as an aphrodisiac. These often lack credibility due to an excessive marketing of pheromones by junk mail. Despite claims to the contrary, no defined pheromonal substance has ever been demonstrated to directly influence human behaviour in a peer reviewed, published study."

Basically what its telling you if that you create some kind of "odor" that can be sensed by someone from the opposite sex... Like some kind of sex appeal pill... I would say.. WOW..AMAZING!

Do aphrodisiacs really work? Do they really increase sexual arousal?

Throughout history, many foods, drinks (such as Mama Juana, which I have never tasted, but heard of..), wines, and behaviors have had a reputation for making sex more attainable and/or pleasurable, though from a historical and scientific standpoint, many have had their desired results simply because their users have chosen to believe they will be effective..PLACEBO EFFECT OF COURSE...which does work quite effectively...

Some aphrodisiacs appear to gain their reputation from the principles of sympathetic magic e.g. oysters, due to their shape. This also explains the trade in the phallic-looking horn of the rhino, which is endangering this animal. Other animal-based aphrodisiacs gain their reputation from the apparent virility or aggressiveness of the animal source - such as tiger penis - also endangering the species. So basically.... if it looks like some sort of genetial area.. its aphrodisiac... does that apply to bananas, cucumbers and apple pie as well?

Some well known aphros are:

Chocolate was thought to have aphrodisiac qualities by the Aztecs, so when it was first introduced to Europe it was natural that people continued to associate it with love. The reasons for this are associated with the observed affects of chocolate on human behavior... more energy.. resulting in an increase of stamina... blablabla.. you get the point... more sugar.. more hyper.. better sex?!

Also according to Wikipedia... chicken, tomatoes and potatoes are aphrodisiac as well!!!

But the granddaddy of all aphrodisiacs is SPANISH FLY..
don't know what it is? Don't worry... I didn't either until a couple of days ago...

The Spanish fly is an emerald-green beettle.... but known commercially as a clear liquid made from the dried remains of a bug known as the "blister beetle." The sales pitch on one Spanish fly web site explains that it "irritates the urogenital tract and produces an itching sensation in sensitive membranes, a feeling that allegedly increases a woman's desire for intercourse." Hummm... NO WAY AM I USING THAT!!! I don't need anything to increase my desire.. thank you very much!!

Ok ok.. so basically you have your choice of products to increase your chances of having sex with your mate...
Ok so some chocolate and strawberries would be quite yummy.. but if you want to really get some lovin'... go for some foreplay!!! Get some candles, nice music.. and it should work.. and if it doesn't.. take out the wine.. and for sure you'll get some!!!!

- NC

Monday, 12 February 2007

Hallmark Holiday...

What exactly IS a Hallmark Holiday? A holiday to celebrate the wonderful Hallmark card company?! hehe! No, not really.

Hallmark holidays are known to all of us, and we have probably celebrated at least a few per year.

We call them this way because they are holidays that exist primarily for commercial purposes, rather than to commemorate a truly significant religious or secular event. The name comes from the card company as we know it, a company that presumably benefits from such manufactured events....

I would almost say that Christmas is somewhat of a HH...but I don't want to start frustrating some people..

But some well known HHs are:

- Mother's Day
- Secretary Day
- Father's Day
- and the well anticipated Valentine's Day!

According to the Greeting Card Association...
Approximately two-thirds of all Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day, and this year consumers will likely spend $16.9 billion on something special for their sweethearts, according to the National Retail Federation.
16.9 BILLION!!! Can you believe it?! No wonder the holidays are called Hallmark.. hallmark can freakin sponsor the holidays!!!!!!!!!
The worst thing is when I hear ads on the radios from Deco Decouverte, or la Maison Corbeil who are trying to convince the listeners to buy a freaking couch for their lover for Valentine's Day... A couch?! Yeah... I can just picture it..
-"Honey...Go into the living room... a gift for Valentine's Day awaits"
The woman getting all excited... maybe a pretty bracelet, necklace, card, letter etc etc..
Finally she walks into the living room and comes face to face with a sofa...
WOW! What a gift.. a freakin sofa! What makes a sofa a good gift? NOTHING...

A sofa isn't something you buy for someone... it takes both parties to decide and make a joint choice... also.. you buy a sofa, because you need a sofa.....not because it would make a good gift!!!!!!!I dunno if you are gettin my drift here.. But XNAY on the sofa for gifts, or blenders, or any household appliance if it isn't a wedding..

You wanna score... (this is for men I am saying...) be a little romantic..FLOWERS DIE..and CHOCOLATE MAKES U FAT!!! LOL!! Jewelry is KEY.. especially if you have been in a relationship over 7-8 months..if not.. and if you don't have the budget, nothing is better then a gift given from the heart...

For my b-day last week, I received a JUMBO b-day card signed by ALL my friends.. and that was worth more than any huge gift I could of gotten!!!!! So go ahead, find a picture of you and your love, frame it (they have great frames at Winners or Wal Mart!!!) write a little note behind the frame..or with it.. and VOILA!!! the perfect gift!

Now don't go saying.. well I m not goin to get a gift.. for me.. every day is Valentine's Day... (cheeeeeeessssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......) if you do, make sure the other person is aware of your feelings.....!!!!!!

Well those are my thoughts about Valentines Day..... you know, even though I am single.. doesn't mean I m against that day... yes it would be nice to have someone.. but you know, its not the end of the world!!! Last year, I went to supper with a friend of mine.. yummy sushi.. then went for drinks.. and got hit on all nite! LOL it was HILARIOUS!!!! loved it! And this year, I will probably be doing the same! so hey, its not a bad life!! :)
So thats that!!!

Have a nice week!



Monday, 5 February 2007

Media Crazed!!!!!

I thought you would appreciate a collection of some of my favorite ads from Superbowl to International.. to whatever I might find lying around on the net!!!

One of my favorites...

More coming soon........

Sunday, 4 February 2007


Good morning dear friends!! Still can't believe I'm up at this time, considering that I got home at 5am!!! But hey.. my body is saying: I CANT SLEEP NO MORE! So well..........Im up, doing my thing, getting ready for SUPERBOWL 41.. which I always tend to watch at home with my familia even though there are a gazillion parties... I usually do that.. cuz Superbowl falls right around my b-day (which is the 7th!!!) and we have a big American themed B-day nite with Bud Light, Milwaukee beer, chicken wings.. etc etc! Always turns out to be a fantastic night!!!!!

Talking about the Superbowl... I find it completly crazy the amount of stuff thats hidden behind this tiny little game of footbal... well it probably aint that tiny.. but its still just a game, that a lot of people tend to take quite seriously! From over 1 billions dollars running on this game in bets to over 2 million dollars per 30 second ad spot... The amount of money that goes into this is INCREDIBLE. Slowly, the love of the game is disapearing... and becoming the love of the money...

According to an article I read on Infopresse... the big ads for tonite will be by Doritos where they asked regular ppl like us to submit their idea of a 30 sec commercial and the winner would have their ad played during Superbowl, Coke, who will show their new slogan :"The Coke Side of Life" where they mock the popular videogame Grand Theft Auto, Budweiser with 7 ads, Snickers, Unilever, Procter and Snapple just to name a few...

If you are interested.. here is the website to see last years big ads during the big game
I watched a few of them.. and my favorite one was a Beer not being a big fan of beer and all... but still thought this commercial was great...

And here is the much talked about commercial that will appear this year, tonite... with THE MOST AMAZING K-FED!!!!!!!!! (im being sarcastic.. by the way...)

And for that Doritos commercial.. there are approx 5 finalists... but this one is my favorite!!!

And PS.. I got some good news and bad news... good news for me.. I got sorta promoted... so I won't be able to write on my blog as much as I use to... and bad news for you because you won't be able to read my super interesting material as much!!!!

So anywayz, HAPPY SUPERBOWL!!! ENJOY! xxxxxxxxxxx

- NC