Friday, 19 January 2007

The Mad Scientists....

Good Morning!!

Well... what a day yesterday!! Remember that New Brunswick weird guy with no sense of humour... well he got FIRED!!! Right after I wrote my previous blog, one of the supervisors (we have this supervisor who just walks around all day, helping ppl with stuff...) found him photocopying some stuff that he wasn't suppose to copy.. and even asked the guy to search in his bag for any files he might have stolen from the company!

That was my little juicy news for the morning....I still feel like a little kid when talking about stuff like that... But don't we all love to feel like kids!!!! Sometimes its just so hard to realize that our real life is starting.. no more school, no more extracurricular activities... Those were the days when life was easy and we thought that the real world was some pretty place where everyone as SOOOO NICE! HA! NO WAY!
Anyways... Im still not ready to completly grow up... and to stay young.. I still try silly experiments!
Two weeks ago, I was sitting at home with my friend and we were watching different videos off YouTube... I had remembered seing this video showing some guys putting Mentos in Diet Coke.. and the Diet Coke completly exploding!!

Take a look at this...

So the both of us are watching this.... and we get the brilliant idea of trying it ourselves!!!! So i decide to call a friend of mine who was coming to my house to stop by and pick up the special ingredients!! He laughs on the phone.. but decides to bring the stuff anyways!!! Well he gets to my house, with a couple other friends.... The guys dont believe me... so I show them the idea.. and you can see the sparkles in their eyes... WE ARE TRYING IT... So we get all ready... go outside.. put the Mentos in the bottle, shake a little..and my friend Bob decides to throw the bottle down to the floor................... POUFFFFFFFF!!! The bottle went FLYING!!! Our experiment was a success!!!!!!!! We were screaming and laughing.. !!!!

The next day... the 7 of us (I believe we were seven ppl) kept on ranting about this amazing little experiment.. and so everyone else got excited!! So one night.. we gathered 15 ppl approx. and did the same experiment... BUT THIS TIME.. it didn't work!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? We looked like complete idiots!!! But I guess you can't always get it right!

So.... we are waiting for another perfect time to do it.... now with all the snow.. don't think it will happen!!

But to all you who want to try it.. DO IT! Its really trully works!! Its some great entertainement!! :)

Have a nice day ppl!

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