Monday, 22 January 2007

From Ipods to Meat-lifting.....

I just wrote a super long post.. but I was just babbling about absolutly I just decided to delete it!

Well... back to work, Monday morning!! Not quite the most exciting day of the week.. but, what are you gonna do?
I got
  • My Monster energy drink (yes i drink one in the morning.. it gets me going...)
  • My heater.. yes I brought a heater from my home cuz its sooooooo damn cold in my office... i think ppl are jealous! LOL!!
  • My Mix96 coming out of the phone... yeah can you believe that! the music is coming out of the phone.. but after hearing No Heaven by Champion, Don't feel like dancing by the Scissor Sisters and Irreplacable by Beyonce more then 3 times a day.. I shut it off and take out my broken Ipod.

Talking about Ipod.. I must admit that I am a big fan... I have what you call the 3rd generation, before the color ones came out.. I got mine in September of 2004. I was sooo proud of myself. . I had spent a wooping 350$ and baught it over Ebay! I dowloaded all of my favorite songs... from Black Betty to the ancient Motown oldies.. to the 90s Mr Vain, Move this.. basically then entire Dance Mix 94 and 95 CDs to more recent music through out the past 2 years.... I also used my ipod like some sort of USB port and decided to download my entire laptop onto this little device.. which was a pretty bright move when my laptop went dead and got erasedSo anywayz, 2 years later.. after using this machine to its capacity.. I was listening to a news report on the radio talking about Ipods and how they only last no more then 2 years.. battery defects.. etc etc.. and I was saying to myself.. HA! mine is 2 years old and works like a charm.... well I think i spoke too fast.. that day, the click wheel stopped working... Meaning that I can't chose a song to play (or a playlist) and I can't change the volume.. so basically my ipod plays on random at a given volume. which is a little too loud.. BOU!

A new one is on my list of things to get, right next to an Apple Macbook and a new winter coat ( I think im goin to a Canada Goose one... THEY ARE SOOOOOOO WARM!!!!)

OH MY GOD....As im writting this blog.. I m reading some news online... Here is the title of the article I was reading: "The Purloined Sirloin: Why is meat the most shoplifted item in America?"

People shoplift meat?! Here are a few passages from the article...

"Meat used to be the shoplifting runner-up to health-and-beauty-care items, a category that includes cough medicines containing pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in home-cooked meth"

"Stores have had particular problems with cuts bearing the Certified Angus Beef brand, which are often displayed near ostensibly less succulent offerings. With only enough money to purchase an ordinary chuck-eye roast, many otherwise ethical shoppers make a snap decision to lift the Angus instead. Store detectives speculate that these meatlifters feel entitled to have steak instead of hamburger on occasion, as a reward for their hard work; swiping an expensive bottle of dish soap doesn't provide the same sense of satisfaction."

"Wary about squelching impulse buys, supermarkets are instead looking for a technological deterrent to meatlifting. Mettler Toledo and Hobart, two of the nation's leading suppliers of meat-preparation equipment, have developed security-tag applicators that conceal the tag beneath the price label; walk out of the store with a purloined sirloin and an alarm will sound."

"So, more innovation is required in the battle against meatlifting. Meat-sniffing dogs pop to mind, though some shoppers might object to having a Doberman nosing around their crotches in search of stolen steaks. But you know what they say about civil liberties in a time of crisis."


If you are interested in reading the whole article.. here is the site:

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!! Can't believe I found that video!!

Well have a nice afternoon folk! xxxxxx

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